About Us

The North East Anarchist Group is an organisation of anarchist communists based in the North East of England, we are an organisation that aims to help give a voice to anarchists and create an organisational platform from which to conduct revolutionary direct action, agitate the propertied classes and help educate working class people, like us, about our revolutionary potential to emancipate ourselves and create a world free from oppression, hierarchy and violence.

As a group, we seek to achieve this by creating an inclusive space where anarchists and other libertarian socialists are able to voice their ideas, create material and literature and organise people to take an active part in the class struggle, fight oppression and further the revolutionary agenda. We were set up in August 2018 as there were no longer any active anarchist groups in the North East.

What we believe

As Anarchists, we fundamentally believe Capitalism, the state and hierarchy is inherently against the interests of the working-class. Capitalism feeds the class conflict we see everywhere around us, it kicks us out of ours homes to give way for gentrification and it kills anybody that stands in the way of profit. The state protects the interests of the ruling-class and suppresses any anti-capitalist movement that challenges it’s power and authority. Unjustified hierarchy restricts the autonomy of every individual who aren’t in a position of power and therefore it must be opposed if we are to create an horizontally organised society.

How to join us

If you are interested in joining the North East Anarchist Group, then please check out our contact us page.