Safer Spaces


Next Review of Statement + Process date: 31/12/2024

This is a statement written and agreed upon by members of North East Anarchist Group (NEAG). Every member of NEAG agrees to abide by this statement in full. This statement was written with inspiration from similar statements produced by Star and Shadow Cinema CO-OP and Sisters Uncut. It is acknowledged that this statement is a guideline and a living document, and should be subject to regular review to accommodate our own learned experiences and growth.

NEAG aims to create a safe, understanding, and kind space which allows for our members to pursue our goals (see Manifesto) and to interact with each other in a respectful manner. As such, we have high expectations of how we behave towards each other in our meetings, actions and social spaces. In order to help achieve these goals, we have set out the following principles:

  1. NEAG has a zero tolerance policy regarding: racism, sexism, discrimination based on gender identity, discrimination based on sexual orientation, ableism, transphobia, abuse/paedophilia apologia, and discrimination based on language ability. Anyone found to be engaging in these behaviours will be immediately removed from the group.
  2. NEAG should be a group where our members feel welcomed, respected, and comfortable.
  3. NEAG should be a group where no one is belittled, spoken down to, silenced, negatively pre-judged or otherwise oppressed on account of their differences.
  4. NEAG members should be aware of any privileges they have, and strive to call out oppression where they see it, and actively work towards minimising the oppressive effects of privilege through reflecting and modifying our interactions where appropriate.
  5. NEAG members accept that we may be ‘called out’ when others feel we are not living by this agreement – and where we accept such challenges with gratitude, as an opportunity to learn.
  6. NEAG should be a group that is free from abuse (psychologically, sexually, or physically).
  7. NEAG should be a group where, if someone feels unsafe, oppressed or abused in any way, members feel confident to call it out and/or to seek support knowing that they will be treated seriously, with care and compassion.

These principles have been created with the knowledge that creating a perfect document on such matters is difficult, if not impossible. Ensuring we create a document that perfectly reflects upon these matters, as well as taking into account our own privileges, takes time and effort. We embark on this journey knowing that we stumble along the way but commit to keep going because the path leads to a more equal world. If any of our members feel like something is missing from this statement, it should be raised at the next date of review (see top of document).

If a member of NEAG, or other persons, believes a member of NEAG has broken one of the above principles or the overarching principles of this statement, they should report it to another member of the group with whom they feel comfortable – from here, the necessary processes of accountability, conflict resolution, and restorative justice should be taken as set out in this document.

Agreed upon by members of NEAG, 08/01/2023.

Reapproved by members of NEAG, 06/12/2023.